Kontorhotel eller Serviced Offices ??

21 02 2011

Så er det Mandag.. Og jeg faldt over en fin artikel om hvorfor nogle vælger et kontorhotel, eller som det hedder på engelsk Serviced Office.

Læs mere om kontorhoteller her >>>

If you have only paid for a new business or are relocating to a new office space, it creates the most appropriate clarity to go with serviced offices or those that are entirely furnished for many reasons. When you have all you need, your business moves in, connects to the Internet, sets your phone network up and you start your business from day one. On the other hand, if you lease an office that is non-furnished, you may regard you are saving allowance until you start pricing office furniture. Even if you purchase in bulk and obtain the cheapest furnishing you can find, you are going to be out a great treat of money.

In addition, you have to demand the furnishings and have the office building or office suites given with Internet, phones, and of course, the phone services itself. When you increase this up, you will rapidly find you are not saving any allowance and may obviously be spending more than if you had vanished with a entirely furnished office suite. Moreover, when you go with furnished office suites, you can frequently have a lot of adaptableness as far as the variety of furnishings that the apartment or office building includes and where you wish the furnishings placed.

Link til Artiklen




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