Why Choose a serviced offices – Look at the OIL price.

3 03 2011

here is why you should choose a serviced office:

Another good reason to choose Office Hotel – When heating prices rise.

Why choose a service provider rather than a traditional office?

In recent weeks, oil has risen somewhat, and that means more expensive heat, etc. the operation planned for a building increases, which again will fall back on a tenant.

But NOT in an serviced office. Here it’s the business center that pays this kind, and you as a customer / tenant in an serviced office to pay the one low fixed price per. months, including all services, including heat.

Therefore: Choose However, a serviced office. More on why choose a serviced office

Limited supply of oil sends prices up to $ 20

What began as a food crisis in North Africa has in the past week evolved into a dangerous situation with a rising oil price. Since the unrest in North Africa began, the price of crude oil soared, despite the fact that there is only a minor interruption of oil supplies. Lack of confidence now hitting markets across the board, and this creates fear of what will happen in the future



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